• Landscape Stone
    • *NOTE FOR BRIDGEWATER CUSTOMERS ONLY: There is an upcharge for less than, 1000lbs purchased. Minimum for delivery is 1 ton.*
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        Burgundy argilite crushed stone, extremely popular, for general landscape applications.
        Color: Burgundy Red
        Sizes: 3/8", 3/4" & special order only screenings (3/16"minus)
        Sold By: Ton or Bag
        Crushed blue stone, a good economical choice for basic utility use. Used for general landscape applications, driveways, drainage, & under sheds
        Color: Blue- Gray
        Sizes: 5/8", 3/8", 3/4", 11/2" & 21/2"
        Sold By: Ton- all sizes & Bag - 3/4
        Mix of gray's, red's, tan's - rounded granite ideal for all landscape applications.
        Color: Gray, Tan & Red
        Sizes: 3/8", 3/4", 1", 1"x3", 3"x5" & 5"x8"
        Sold By: Bulk all sizes & Bags - 3/8
        Delaware Blend Boulder
        Delaware Blend Boulder
        Rounded granite river boulders in shades if gray, tannish-browns and red tones.
        Color: Gray, Tan & Brown, Purple
        Sizes: 8" to 36" plus, 1 to 3 man carry to machine size carry.
        Sold By: Ton
        A lightweight crushed multi-colored stone - red, yellow/orange, charcoal. Great accent around greenery and ponds. Used for general landscape applications but not recommended for driveways.
        Color: Multi-colored Red, Yellow/orange & Charcoal
        Sizes: 3/4"x1"
        Sold By: Ton or Bag
        A white stone with a gray vein running through it. Used for general landscape applications.
        Color: White with Grey
        Sizes: 3/8", 3/4" & 11/2"
        Sold By: Ton or Bag
        Naturally rounded yellow, orange & gold colored quartzite. Ideal for general landscape applications.
        Color: Yellow, Orange & Gold
        Sizes: 3/8 & 3/4"
        Sold By: Bulk or Bags
        Mostly rounded off white-pebbles creates a cool look in any application.
        Color: Off-White - Cream
        Sizes: 3/4", 3/4"x2" & 2"x4"
        Sold By: Ton or Bag
        Crushed gravel in light tan, brown and a little gray. Used in general landscape applications.
        Color: Tan & Brown
        Sizes: 3/8"
        Sold By: Ton or Bag
        Mixture of crushed stone and fine screened aggregate. Used mainly for driveways, backfill and first base layer under pavers and flagstone.
        Color: Blue- Gray
        Sizes: 3/4", 11/2" & 2/12"
        Sold By: Ton - all sizes & Bags - 3/4
        Screenings (Stone Dust)
        Screenings (Stone Dust)
        Very fine screenings of crushed bluestone, very compactable.
        Color: Blue- Gray
        Sizes: 3/16" minus
        Sold By: Ton & Bag
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