• Landscape Stone
    • *NOTE FOR BRIDGEWATER CUSTOMERS ONLY: There is an upcharge for less than, 1000lbs purchased. Minimum for delivery is 1 ton.*
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        Burgundy argilite crushed stone, extremely popular, for general landscape applications.
        Color: Burgundy Red
        Sizes: 3/8", 3/4" & special order only screenings (3/16"minus)
        Sold By: Ton or Bag
        Crushed blue stone, a good economical choice for basic utility use. Used for general landscape applications, driveways, drainage, & under sheds
        Color: Blue- Gray
        Sizes: 5/8", 3/8", 3/4", 11/2" & 21/2"
        Sold By: Ton- all sizes & Bag - 3/4
        Mix of gray's, red's, tan's - rounded granite ideal for all landscape applications. PLEASE NOTE THE STONE COMES UNWASHED FROM THE QUARRY. Mud comes with the stone as it comes from the ground. Our display stone has been washed.
        Color: Gray, Tan & Red
        Sizes: 3/8", 3/4", 1", 1"x3", 3"x5" & 5"x8"
        Sold By: Bulk all sizes & Bags - 3/8
        Delaware Blend Boulder
        Delaware Blend Boulder
        Rounded granite river boulders in shades if gray, tannish-browns and red tones.
        Color: Gray, Tan & Brown, Purple
        Sizes: 8" to 36" plus, 1 to 3 man carry to machine size carry.
        Sold By: Ton
        A lightweight crushed multi-colored stone - red, yellow/orange, charcoal. Great accent around greenery and ponds. Used for general landscape applications but not recommended for driveways.
        Color: Multi-colored Red, Yellow/orange & Charcoal
        Sizes: 3/4"x1"
        Sold By: Ton or Bag
        A white stone with a gray vein running through it. Used for general landscape applications.
        Color: White with Grey
        Sizes: 3/8", 3/4" & 11/2"
        Sold By: Ton or Bag
        Naturally rounded yellow, orange & gold colored quartzite. Ideal for general landscape applications.
        Color: Yellow, Orange & Gold
        Sizes: 3/8 & 3/4"
        Sold By: Bulk or Bags
        Mostly rounded off white-pebbles creates a cool look in any application.
        Color: Off-White - Cream
        Sizes: 3/4", 3/4"x2" & 2"x4"
        Sold By: Ton or Bag
        Crushed gravel in light tan, brown and a little gray. Used in general landscape applications.
        Color: Tan & Brown
        Sizes: 3/8"
        Sold By: Ton or Bag
        Mixture of crushed stone and fine screened aggregate. Used mainly for driveways, backfill and first base layer under pavers and flagstone.
        Color: Blue- Gray
        Sizes: 3/4", 11/2" & 2/12"
        Sold By: Ton - all sizes & Bags - 3/4
        Screenings (Stone Dust)
        Screenings (Stone Dust)
        Very fine screenings of crushed bluestone, very compactable.
        Color: Blue- Gray
        Sizes: 3/16" minus
        Sold By: Ton & Bag
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