• River Rock
    • The Stone Center of Carolina sells water worn stones that work perfectly for water gardens, dry river beds, garden accents or for earth retention. The river rocks are sold per ton and pallets may weight between 1 and 2 tons.

      3inch-5inch (small) - covers approx. 60 square feet.

      5inch-8inch (medium) - covers approx. 35 square feet.

      8inch-18inch (large) covers approx. less than 20 square feet.

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        Water worn stones. Palletized Grey/Blue/White and a little Tan/Brown river rock.
        Color: Overall Blue/White/Gray Multi-Color
        Sizes: Small, Medium & Large in GA locations; multiple other sizes in NC, VA, and NJ locations
        Sold By: Pallet/Ton
        Smooth and rounded pebbles.
        Color: Dark Gray & Red
        Sizes: multiple sizes available
        Sold By: Ton
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